2017/2018 It has been a long time

2016 Exposing Trauma, The Dangerous Women Project, essay

2015 chronicillness, artists book

2016 What to do when your hair falls out: a practical guide for punk fans Wordpress blog, 2016 http://wp.me/p7AJqk-1h

2014 Associating with artistic Margate
20 March, 2014, Thanet Gazette http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Associating-artistic-Margate/story-20832903-detail/story.html

2013 I'm not dead, I'm in Margate
13 September 2013, Pearrls Zine http://pearrls.com/2013/09/13/im-not-dead-im-in-margate/

2012 Cool Katz in Town
15 October 2012, Thanet Gazette and Online http://www.thanetgazette.co.uk/Cool-Katz-hits-town/story-17073798-detail/story.html

2011 Recent Drawing Exhibitions
10 December 2011 Jerwood Blog http://blog.jerwoodvisualarts.org/?p=46

2008 The Art Part, Super Super, October, February, March, April Issues 2007