Lizzy Rose is a disabled artist based in Margate in Kent. Her work explores identity and hidden culture. Her work with plants and floristry comes from a family history of flower arranging. Her parents owned Janice Luck Florist which was in Canterbury's Northgate for 15 years.

"My childhood and teenage years were spent in a florist shop and I am interested in the hidden history and traditions of floristry."

She is an Associate at Open School East 2018 and is part of the programming team at Crate Studios and Project Space. She is also part of The Crip Theory Group, a group of artists researching cripness. Her book chronicillnes, collects meme's following the hashtag chronicillness on Tumblr and she has written on the subject of "post surgery selfies" within the Irritable Bowel Disease community. in "Exposing Trauma". In 2015 she was part of a court case to decide whether funding should be given to women in Kent to have their eggs frozen through the NHS before a stem cell transplant.
In the last year she has spent over 8 months in hospital but continued to make artwork from her hospital bed using instragram.

"I am interest in the ways in which the internet has affected the experience of long term illness. I think we are becoming better at communicating and becoming more comfortable with sickness which for anyone living with a long term illness can only be a good thing."

Her website is at and instagram@rozequartz Twitter @videolizzy

Twitter: @crate_space #arrangementmargate
Instagram @rozequartz

This is my current hospital desk/studio set up. Watching fellow associate Mel Wheeler’s work for our @openschooleast event for @whitbien on Friday evening at @thehorsebridge. The theme is Love. I am showing a new video work “My heart will go on”. ????????????

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Lizzy Rose is an Associate Member of Open School East 2017. She graduated from BA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2010. Rose worked with Matthew de Pulford and Paul Hazelton at LIMBO, an artist-led project space, from 2013-2015 and recently she has contributed to the programming team at Crate in Margate. In 2016 she visited Japan and the project is on going.

Visit her wordpress blog for more on Japan, illness and her art practice.

Her 2010 film work, "Electricity in the Stones", a travelogue film seeming to document a number of church ruins scattered across the Romney Marshes, was shown in Art in Romney Marsh and Telling Stories. In 2012 she participated in Artists Access to Art Colleges scheme with University of Creative Arts in Kent. Her work "Prefab Archive" documenting a soon to be demolished that she has family connections to was shown at Whitstable Biennale Satellite Programme and at the Prefab Museum curated by Elisabeth Blanchet. In 2011-2012 she led a community group at Margate Museum to curate three historical exhibitions, Talking about my generation: Mods, Rockers and Margate and In Their Words: Mods Rockers and Margate, as well as an exhibition on the early Georgian history of the town.


Twitter: @video_lizzy