Mods, Rockers and Margate: Talking About My Generation project with the Friends of Margate Museum volunteers

I worked with the volunteers group Friends of Margate Museum for six weeks to stage an exhibition in the only recently reopened Margate Museum. We chose to focus on the Whitsun weekend clashes on the beach in 1964 between teenage mods and rockers. Margate Museum was at the time a magistrates court and many of the teenagers arrested that day were sentenced and held in the building. I worked with a group of 10 volunteers to develop their individual areas of research and to then produce a cohesive narrative using that research.

I worked with the same group to create a second exhibition the following year, Mods, Rockers and Margate: In Their Own Words. This exhibition was largely video interviews and memories collected from the previous exhibition by me and the museum volunteers. It contained the largest collection of newspaper images from the whitsun weekend 1964 of Margate that has ever been exhibited.